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Jews, Niggers, & Wiggers Episode 3
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Publish-date-icon May 5, 2011
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Jeremy, Gabriel, & Mark have a three way on Sunday August 29, 2010.

When they are not talking over each other they discuss sexual healing, the Mecca of BBC, Picking that shit apart, Scorpios as Detectives, Shadow of the Ghost of Elvis, off the radar, the “nigger talk”, world record for a podcast, cyber exorcism, Mark Pissed off, Gabriel asking a honest question, Lebanese Blonde, Integrating of the Wigger, Markie Mark making me want to shot myself in the face, Yo MTV Raps & Rakim, Beastie Boys, New York Jewish Boys, “Way to Bring it back Luke", Ginger Kids & Step Childs, Race & the original man, Nazis & the Holocaust, Investing in Identity, Jeremy’s big pin, Blacks & Jews being Shit on, Adam Sandnler loves Chris Rock, Protocols of the Elder of Zion, Who are the real Jews, Tribes of Israel at Venice Beach, Neville Goddard & the Kabala, As Above so below, Fitting into the Archetypal System, Bringing it back to the small picture, containing the fire, Alchemy of two different Cultures, Messengers of the Meta Souls, Africa & Mexico, Meeting of the Ancestors at the Super Market, America to Japan, Knowing when to Leave, I miss Joe, “Yo Gabe”, Mark on the edge, Discordia getting to me, Chaos, Satan & the Stars, Order in Mathematics, The Movies Pi & Contact, Trying to figure out the creators of the universe, Pi as an encoded message built into the nature of the universe, Perfect Order, Fractals & the Mandelbrot Set, Getting a Beer & Bowl, SWEDA Question, Grand Torino, Eastwood going out in a blaze, hardening & softening, not wanting to lose, not letting people see that I’m vulnerable, fight or flight, staying thuged out, adapting to the world by being nice or tough, manipulating, Gabriel’s tool, natural giving, giving up your desires to want something in return, I'm not wacking off, peeing the dogs, & Fear & Loathing in Detroit

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